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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Such an excited Daddy!

Justin has been amazing, yes he
says he's diappointed he's having
girls first, but he's determine
we'll have baby #3 and it'll be
a boy so it's not so bad.

He wants all the coolest and
best gadgets for his babies.
A good example is I researched
a bath tub for the counter and
found one that has some of the
best reviews but is just a bath
tub with the hamock.
We bought it and later
on went to Babies R Us.

Mom and I are in one aisle and
he's a couple down from us.
I see him rush past with a huge box.
Finally we see what he's up to.
He's found a Spa Bath Tub for
his babies and it's on SALE.
It's WAY better than the one I
picked, it has a shower portion
and everything.
Now I did ask to get a green one
instead of a pink one, it matches
the bathroom better, haha.
It's about $15 more than the one
I picked not on sale and only a
few dollars more on sale so he
puts it in the cart.
We took back the one
I picked, of course.

Am I upset, heck no.
Excited he's interesting in
getting stuff for the babies
and better stuff even.

He is fun to watch.
I think that night he was the
only one to put stuff in cart,
from extra nice bibs, to dish
soap that's all natural and
of course a few more gadgets.
He's going to be such a cool daddy.
The babies and I are very lucky.

33 Weeks!

I can't believe we're already on week 33.
The belly gets bigger every week and
now so do the numbers on the scale.
Gain another 3 lbs since last week.

We went in for weekly apt Monday.
Babies seem to be doing well.
My cervix has thinned out about 50%.
Right now the dr just wants to
take it week by week and see
how the babies are doing.
We set up the next Obstetrics Apt
for Aug 8 to check their growth.
We asked the Dr about the ultrasounds
last week to make sure we shouldn't be
concerned and he said nope,
it's fairly normal.
The babies still have enough room
to move so it's normal for them
to move around quite a bit.

Tuesday was another NST, the babies
did pretty well except they had to
tilt me to the opposite side after
a while and Baby B had a decel in
heart rate for just a minute or two.
I told mom it's because
Baby A was squishing her.

We thought we'd get out early,
but nope had to stay for
another ultrasound, darn.
I had a rough day.
Laying down is very hard for me
already because I can't breath
right and the babies are
putting pressure on EVERYTHING.
I had a hard time during the
ultrasound getting myself to calm down.
I was getting dizzy and nauseated.
This is normal for a pregnant
woman laying flat on her back.
So there is no cause for alarm.
The Tech had to wait on me
to get comfortable, and
once I did I even dozed off.
I felt bad for the Tech I
was being such a pain.

Baby A wasn't being
cooperative either.
He was scanning her movement
and no matter how much he
poked her she wouldn't budge.
He finally had to go to
Baby B to check her out.
Once he went back to Baby A
she was moving around again.
Lazy and stubborn little girl.

Everything check out.
Thank goodness the care
we receive is so good.
Another NST tomorrow, cross
your fingers it won't be as
long, my body can't take it.

Before I forget!
This week's belly shot!

Friday, July 22, 2011

NSTs and naughty babies...

Tuesday our little Twinkies
(nicknamed so by our main nurse)
were being naughty and moving
when they shouldn't and not
moving when they should.
The nurse was going crazy
changing the position of
the monitors constantly.
Actually there were three
nurses taking care of us.
Baby B was being extra naughty and
the nurses had to call the Dr to
see if they need to do extra testing.

An ultrasound was needed to
make sure the babies were okay.
Everything checked out and the babies
are doing fine just miss behaving.
We spent 2 1/2 hours at the hospital
for a normal 30-45 minute test.
Poor mom we told her we'd go
eat after the test, so she had
to wait just as long as us.

But Tuesday's was not as long as today's.
Mom and I did however eat before, haha.
Today it took a while to get signed in.
We did get taken care of right away
though once back in Maternal Child.
A different nurse took care of me at first.
The babies were steady on
the monitors for the most part.

Baby A took her turn today to be naughty.
As the nurse explained the heart rate
stays at steady rate however little miss
diva dropped just alittle from her average
for the day and this concerned the nurses.
They left the monitors on me for over
an hour to make sure she was steady
and decided to ask the Dr if maybe
it could be a higher concern.
The Dr requested another ultrasound
to just verify the Twinkies were ok.
I admit the length of time very very
long to wait, but when your Dr is making
sure you and your baby(ies) are okay and
not risking it, it's worth the wait.

It's sad when all the admin and nurse
and now the ultrasound tech recognize me.
We had a wait for the ultrasound
tech who was extra busy today.
But lucky us got to peek at
the babies on the screen.
Baby A is now head down with h
er spine coming up my left side.
Baby B is laying almost sideways in
my belly, with her head down to my
right side and her legs on the top
of my belly.
They changed positions
since last week on Monday!

I'm figuring they did most of
that yesterday when they spent
the day busy busy!
As the tech pressed on the top of
my tummy he showed us where
Baby B's legs were.
He would push down and the little
legs went down on the screen.
It was so amazing to see.
Of course both babies are okay,
just being naughty.

Mom or "NANA" should I say, was just
excited to get to see her Little Cupcakes.
I'm very lucky the nurses, tech and Dr
have been so great in taking care of
me and the Twinkies.
I'm even luckier my mom held
out though the whole thing.
That's a LONG time for her to sit still.
Hmmm... wonder why the babies are so naughty.

In total the test today
was over 3 1/2 hours long.
I was so happy to stand up
after laying down for so long.
We'll be there again next Tuesday
and lets just cross our fingers
that it will be short and sweet.

Belly Shot Week 32!

Monday, July 18, 2011

5 lbs!

Today we went for our weekly
check up with Dr Kacenga.
The nurse took my weight
and guess what I gained 5lbs!
That's a total of 15lbs gained
since I first went in in February.
Normal Pregnancies weight gain is
up to 40lbs while multiples is 60lbs.
Though I'm at 32 weeks my
weight gain isn't a concern
as long as the babies are ok.
I did start off overweight so the
lack of weight gain isn't an issue.

The Dr checked my cervix to make sure
there's no danger of dilating early.
So far we're ok.
Dr Kacenga makes the appointments
interesting with little stories
and jokes, it help ease the mood.
He's a silly guy and very smart.
Justin and I appreciate his honesty
and the way he explains things.
We sometimes see Dr Silvia and though
he's a great Dr he is not as personable.

Right not the Doctor sill hopes
we can make it to 38 weeks.
We hope so too!
Justin was recently selected for a
detail here in Sierra Vista and
the detail will last 3 years.
This is both exciting and helpful.
Right now he commutes 2 hours
a day and gas is pricey!
What we'll be saving in gas
though we'll be using for diapers.
But the idea of him being
in town is so nice.

There is one little bitty draw
back to this new position.
Justin will be in North Dakota for 2
weeks for training, from August 7th-20th.
The concern is what if the
babies don't wait and decide
to come at 36 weeks or earlier.
36 weeks currently puts us at the 17th.
38 weeks puts us at August 31st.
All I hope is they wait until after
the 22nd to make their grand entrance!

The Appointments are now once
a week and we're doing
non-stress tests twice a week.
All is going well so far.

Sugar Cookies!

Erin and I met through an
online scrapbooking site.
Though we've never met in
person, we still are very close.
From online chats, phone calls and
sending each other boxes of goodies
we've gotten to know each other.
Erin is a very special
person and so talented.
I'm so lucky to have met her.

This past week she slaved in the
kitchen making us beautiful sugar
cookies with the baby shower
theme Two Peas in a Pod.
And she shipped the cookies all
the way from Kansas to Arizona
to be eaten at the shower!

When she text me the photo of the
cookies I was so excited I had to
share it right away with Mom and Justin.
I never expected anything like this from anyone.
It's such a special gift and so personalized.

We received the box Thursday evening
and right away Justin and I had to
inspect the cookie, haha.
The cookies look so professional
and the packing was perfect, only
one cookie cracked in transit.
Justin and I of course took advantage
of this broken cookie and ate it all up!
It was delish!

Erin is so sweet she even sent the babies
some outfits that are completely adorable!

The cookies were a huge hit at the Baby
Shower and our story of friendship was too.

Thank you Erin! You're amazing!

Baby Shower

Mom is wonderful!
She did such an amazing job putting
the baby shower together and hosting it.
It was so relaxing for me and
extra fun for all the ladies.

She did quite a few games like:
Poopy Diaper Game - you melt chocolate
candies into diapers and the guest have
to figure out the candy like snickers, ect.
How Big is Mommy's Belly- Some
of the girls got extra close!
What was Mommy wearing -
Mommy has to step out of the room.
What's in your purse?
What does Mommy hope her baby looks like
Features she hopes the baby will
get from her self or from Daddy.
Justin and I had a big discussion
about this one the other day.

How many diapers in the Diaper Cakes!

There were quite a few
games and so many Prizes!
Even Justin & his dad got to play along!

Mom dressed me all up with a beautiful
corsage she made with two babies in a
pod, a crown "Mommy to Be" and a sash
also with "Mommy to Be".
I was able to make corsages for the family,
Great Grandma Lamb, Nana - My Mom,
Grandma - Lori, Honorary Grandma - Kay,
and Aunt Chloe.
Nana & Grandma even got special
necklaces with their new names.

Dinner was amazing.
Mom had the Baby shower catered
by My Big Fat Greek Restaurant.
We had Gyros, Meatballs,
Zucchini Cakes and fresh salad.
It was so yummy and we had left
overs we're still trying to finish.

Mom ordered beautiful cakes.
One half sheet Cake that I think
we finished eating at the shower.
It had the cutest little
babies sitting in flowers.
The cake was vanilla with tres
leche filling and whipped topping.
The second cake was
actually a cupcake cake.
The cupcakes were adorable with
little pink flowers and grass and
in a pot there were 5 hovering cupcakes.
Those were vanilla with whipped topping.
We got to bring those home to enjoy!

Our guest were amazing.
Ladies who Mom and I have known
for years were able to join us.
Justin's family, our Scrapbooking
Friends, a girl I've known since
8th grade, Ladies we've known
through working and three extra
special young ladies.
These three girls - Nikki, Samantha
& Makayla are Zona's daughters.
Zona is part of the pair that introduced
Justin and I 8 years ago this month.
Though Zona is no longer with us,
she and her girls mean the world to us.
We are so blessed to have so many friends
and family join us even across the miles
though not all in person but in thought.

Our little babies and us are so loved and
blessed we've received the most amazing gifts.
I'd list them all but there's SO Many!
Lets just say we'll be sitting, rocking,
swinging, and bouncing in style with their
beautiful clothes and extra cool accessories.
Thank you to everyone, everything
will be used and loved and cherished.
Justin and I truly appreciate everything.
And thank you for taking time
out to join us for this event.

Mom thank you for making the shower
such a wonderful evening with a great
venue, amazing food and fun.
You and Dad have done so much for us
I don't know how we could thank you enough.
We know our little ones will be very spoiled!

More photos to come!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chocolate means movement...

Normally I don't eat Justin's
cereal, it's too much sugar.
But the other day I bought
him a box of Chocolate Mini
Wheats with Chocolate Chips
and this morning I woke up
wanting to try them!

Wow they are yummy, but
LOADED with sugar.
Within 30 minutes my little
cupcakes were moving and
kicking and playing.
It was too cool, but
naughty all the same.
We had our NSTs this afternoon
and they were still on a sugar rush.
Normally Baby A gives the nurse a
hard time staying the on monitor
but today Baby B was being silly.

Mom got to go with me for the
first time to see how things worked.
They had us cracking up, the
nurse was in there every 10
minutes or so double checking
that both babies were being monitored.
Their kicks were nice and strong
and as they moved, mainly Baby B,
we could hear the Whooshing sound
coming from the monitor.
The last 10 minutes were the craziest.
Just 10 minutes longer the nurse
told us and Baby B was done, she
wanted to move and play and she
wanted the monitor off!
As much as I said shhh,
behave it so didn't work, but
it was so worth the giggle.

The babies heart beats
are so close together.
Both towards the
top of my tummy.
The nurse says she's never
seen that before nor has
she had so much trouble keeping
babies stable on the monitor.

So a leason learned, no sugar
cereals for them anymore.
Unless I need a really
good giggle here at home.

Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011 Ultrasound

We had the growth ultrasound
today and it went great!
The Techs have had trouble
getting the babies to move
in possitions where they can
see the babies hearts and
faces and today both babies
let the Tech and us peek!

Look at these babies!
Baby A - 3lbs 6oz


Baby B - 3lbs 4oz


Baby A is breach and
Baby B is head down.
Baby B had Baby A in a head
lock with her little feet.
Aww fighting already :)!

All looks good and
we go back in 4 weeks.

Justin thought I was crazy
today I was so excited!
It's the firt time we get
to see thier little faces
and I'm just in awww.
I'm so happy.

I'm going to have to have
Justin write up one of
the blog enteries soon!
I know he's excited too.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Belly Shot! 30 Weeks

I was so excited to take
my belly shot for this week.
I plan on switching back and
forth between two shirts for
now on, or at least until
they no longer fit.
This way I can see the
difference but the photos
are not all one color.
Better for scrapbooking, lol!

Today's shot:

The last three:

I'm really starting to fill out the green shirt, lol!

Thursday, July 7, 2011


It's been quite an
eventful week here!
I began doing all the laundry
for the babies, starting with
everything up to 3-6 months.
I thought I was done this
morning as I hung up the last
two onsies, but my Momma is
crazy we went shopping today and
she bought the twins more clothes.
Oh believe me we appreciate it,
but wow the laundry loads are back.
The babies are gonna be
styling in the all the
clothes we've gotten for them.

Now please understand the
photo above is deceiving.
Mom only got a few things
today, however the stacks have
been acquired since we found
out we going to have twins.
The sizes range
from 0-3 months to 3t.
I won't be washing all the
clothes now, just up to
3-6 months to get us started.
The rest I'm putting in filing
boxes to store for later.

Since we thought we'd be
having boys we do have a
good start there too, not as
much as you see here but enough.

It's amazing to see so much PINK!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5th, 2011

Fourth of July this year
was very quite for us.
Due to the Monument Fire, and
the dryness of our area, Fireworks
were off limits this year.
I honestly didn't mind.
After the fire scare
I was ok with that.

Mom and I spent the afternoon
together as Justin was at work.
We sorted through all the Preemie,
Newborn, and 0-3 Month clothing
we've gotten so far.
Then we went to dinner,a shopping
run, got yogurt and even cruised
the park to see what was going on.
they had huge screens up showing
a movie on one and fire works on
another and even had a band and vendors.
Very nice, but we never got off the car.

As the babies (or as mom calls the "
Cupcakes") get bigger, there's less
I can do comfortably.
Walking for too long is one.
My lower back hurts very much.
I have to sit and take breaks often.
The pelvis pain is getting worse,
thankfully the most I feel it is
when I move around in bed and getting
in and out of bed or off the couch.
It hasn't added to the back pain
when I walk and that's a relief.
The reflux is getting worse,
and it takes me while to
get comfortable enough to sleep.
But all and all I'd take these minor
issue over any Major ones any day!

Today was our 29 week
check up with DR Silva.
I forgot to ask what my weight was
today, and the nurse and doctor said
nothing, so I'm hoping that means I
gained a pound or two.
The nurse had a hard time finding
the babies heartbeats, but once
she did they were both 136.
Yay they are within the normal range
and not far off from previous ones.

DR Silva came in moments later to
measure my belly and said,
"Well, your getting bigger!"
Yep, figured that one out since
I'm having trouble with my shirts
staying down to cover the tummy now.
He let me know all seemed well
with the Cupcakes and next
appointment will be in 2 weeks.
He let me know it was time to
start doing the stress test and
had me speak to the hospital
nurse to schedule my first one.
The first one was for today at one.

Driving is now off limits
as my tummy touches the
steering wheel already.
So Justin dropped me off at mom's
today before work so she could take
me to the hospital for the NST.
Thank goodness for mom
she's been driving me around
now while Justin's at work.
The testing only took about
30 minutes, and I think we found
Baby A again on the left side.
She's an active baby.
This nurse had a hard time
too finding their heartbeats,
but once she found baby B
she only had to do it once.
Baby B has always been the calmer one.
Baby A gave the nurse a hard time
and for a while there the monitor
found her heart beat steady, but
she doesn't stay in one place.
The monitor was going from --
to 170 to 64 to 135 in seconds
as Baby A moved around.
This whole time Baby B was
consistent between 129-140.
After the first 15 minutes the
nurse came back to check on me
and had to relocate Baby A and
her heart beat which was now
way off to my left side.
She's gonna be like her
Daddy a trouble maker.
Lol. All went well
though, so I'm happy.
The stress tests will
be every Tuesday and
Friday from now on.

Tomorrow I hope to have
a NEW Belly Photo Up!