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Saturday, January 22, 2011

How Mommy & Daddy met...

Daddy and I met in July 2003 when our
friends (Zona & Melanie) put us
together through a group event.
I wasn't sure I wanted to meet Daddy.
He was military and military police.
I wanted to be steered away from the
military life after growing up in it.

We were going to meet at the
local bowling alley in Sierra Vista.
I took my time getting ready and was
even late, I really wasn't ready for this.
Only a few months before I swore off
guys and wanted to focus on school.

I got there an met Daddy, a
cute, tall, skinny nerdy guy.
We barely spoke but exchanged numbers.
I didn't speak to him again until
August 10, 2003 when we both
went to our friend's BBQ.

We spoke, teased each other and I
even shot Daddy with water, I
believe we even had our first kiss.
Later in the evening he followed me
home so I could ask permission to
go to the movies with him.

Now you have to understand life was different.
I was 19, going to Cochise College,
working and still living at home
with Grandma & Grandpa.
There were rules, I was to be protected.
Yes I was allowed some freedom, but there
was certain things that needed to be done.
All friends and boyfriends were to be brought
home to meet Grandpa and Grandma, no exceptions.
I even had a curfew.

This evening was different I just met this
awesome guy and he asked to take me to the
movies so he had to go home with me, one to
drop off Grandpa's truck and two to meet my parents.
All went fine, even grandpa was nicer than usual
and our dog Max even went belly up for Daddy, that
had never happened with a boy before.
Our only draw back, uncle Joe wanted to see
the same movie, so we kinda had a chaperon.
So it was Daddy, Uncle Joe
and me on a first date, haha.

We went to see Bad Boys 2.
After the movie we dropped uncle Joe off at
home and Daddy and I went to wash his Neon.

That first date, was fun and different
and lead to us become inseparable.
Daddy would even come to our house
after work, sleep on the couch and
eat meals with us.
Grandma felt bad for him, he was SO skinny!
So she cooked the first two weeks we were
dating until one evening she got alittle
carried away with the seasoning for the
spaghetti sauce, and we ended up
having pizza delievered.

Daddy and I spent a lot of time
together, movies, day trips, and
even visits with Grandpa Lamb.
I was able to meet Daddy's family in
September for Grandpa Keith's birthday.

As fall turned into winter we got
closer and closer and I knew I loved
your daddy more than anything.
On Christmas Day 2003 your
Daddy asked me to marry him.
Of course I said yes!

The next few months were a blur
with the Wedding being planned.

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