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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Time to tell Grandma & Grandpa...

Your grandpa Joe and uncle Joseph were
just home on leave so with all 5 (6)
of us together Daddy and I got to tell
my family you're on you're way. I made
grandma and grandpa a frame and a card
and Daddy made Uncle Joe a little bitty
ones that reads " My Uncle is a SEAMAN
in the United States Army." We went
over Tuesday evening (Jan 25, 2011) and
got everyone in your grandparents family
room and gave them their gifts.

Uncle Joe knew right away what the onsie
meant so he had to hold back and grandma
was still reading the card. Grandma was
so EXCITED she was clueless on how to
react. I think she would have been jumping
and yelling if she wasn't so shocked. She
is so happy and grandpa is just as excited.
You gotta know though grandpa is a man of
little words so with all he said I know he's
extremely excited to have you coming into
the family. We went to dinner to celebrate
such wonderful news.

Little Lamb you have this family crazy with
excitement, I can just imagine how crazy
we'll be with you here.

I love you more than anything,

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