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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

29 weeks & Tacos!

I never took my belly photo last week.
Shame on me.
But I took this weeks so
that makes me very happy!

The belly is certainly swelling.
Justin likes to tease of me,
but secretly I think he's in
awe of what's happening.

The babies stay busy
fluttering, but in all honesty
I wish I'd feel them kick more.
It was put me at ease for sure.
What I find very interesting is
they must know when I'm going to
eat or when I am eating because
nearly every time I feel them move.
It's very funny.

During the first part of
pregnancy I had to have Tacos
or Mexican food constantly.
But a trip to El Paso, thankfully changed that.
(Normally I'm a pizza kinda girl,
but sadly even that has changed.)
Mom and I went for Easter
to spend time with my Aunt.

We went to CHICO's YUMMY!
Chico's is a very important
place to visit while in El Paso!
I inhaled an order of double double
(double tacos, 6 & double cheese),
finishing even before Momma.
Now normally I eat slow,
so this was pretty weird.
And to top it off I was
wanting a second order!
I refrained of course with hopes
to go once more before we left town.
We left town on Easter Sunday
and sadly Chico's was closed.
It left me wanting more, even now
months later I feel the need to
drive for 5 hours to have some.

Thankfully though this sad incident
has dwindled down my need for tacos.
It was getting pretty embarrassing
all the Taco places here in
town were getting to know me.
I still have to have Tacos once a
week, but the need isn't nearly as bad.

My Mom however has a new craving
for Tortas, a Mexican sandwich.
So this morning she said we were
having Tacos for lunch and told me
she wanted a Torta, I thought okie
dokie, it hasn't been a week yet
and I'm not craving but ok.
But sneaky her she went on Facebook and
claimed me and the babies needed TACOS.
She's too funny.
I Love my Momma!
She's crazy!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

27 weeks 1 Day!

I'm so excited I can take belly
shots now with my tummy getting
bigger and bigger every week.

This week we're at
27 weeks and 1 day!
The baby shower is this Saturday,
everything is becoming so real!
I edited out the background only
because I was standing in front of
the nursery closet which is a mess
with baby shower items and items
still needing to be put away!

I'll be back with another
tummy shot next week.

Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011

27 weeks 5 days

Today was our last 4 week check up
with Dr. Kacanga, because the next
one is in 2 weeks and the following
will be once a week.
The nurse was very sweet today
and was happy for us the the
current status of the pregnancy.
She was concerned at first
about my lack of weight gain.
I lost a pound from last time.
Back to 192lbs.

So when she asked if I eat well,
I said yes, while Justin is the
back ground shaking his head and
say oh yea! She even had to laugh.
I told her I can now keep up with him.

My blood pressure is great and all
the blood test came back great.
There are currently no risks with
gestational diabetes, which is
something my family and I were
very worried about.

The babies heart beats are great, too!
One is at 148 beats and the other 140.
When speaking to the Dr today he
mentioned I'll start stress tests
in the next three weeks.
Those will be at the hospital
and can last up to an hour at a time.

One concern I expressed today with
the doctor was pain in my pelvic area
that's also extended to my left leg.
I did look it up online and the
doctor confirmed it's my ligaments
stretching out and becoming floppy.
There's extra weight with the babies
and it's putting stress on my pelvic
area causing soreness.
It's like I've been working out my
leg and I'm too sore to even move.
Getting in and out of bed
and just standing up hurts.
Though it hurts it's normal
and thing to worry about.
So far the Doctor thinks all
is well, so that's good.

Today was also the
appointment with obstetrics.
According to the tech it's the
last cervical length scan for there.
I'll still be going in for growth
of the babies and to check the
fluid amount in the amniotic sack.
Again all was well there too!
I'm so happy we're just chugging along.

No ultrasound photos today, but
maybe for the next growth ultrasound!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A stressful weekend...

Last Sunday a fire started in
the Coronado National Monument
and has since gotten worse.
It's burned over 20,000
acres of land and many people
have lost their homes.
It's been rounds of pre-evacuation
notices and mandatory notices that
change by the hour.
With the fire getting worse and
family from out of town coming in
that evening as well as so many
friends being effected by the fire,
mom and I made the decision to postpone
the baby shower for today Saturday,
June 18, until further notice.
My auntie Pat, Cousin Jenny and
her boys were already here.
So we made all the calls we
could to let everyone know.

We went to lunch as a family, but by
the time lunch ended another fire was
going on the post, even closer to home.
We went our separate ways and
once home began packing our
bags in case of an evacuation.
My aunt and cousin headed back to Texas.
Mom lives closer to the center
of town, though not by much.
We live on the outskirts, yet
closer to town, with fields of
brush just down the street.
Justin was worried that if the
winds changed the Monument fire
would come in our direction.

The fire on post thankfully was
100% contained and cleared by 6PM
Friday evening when we went to the
town meeting, to learn of the latest news.

The community has truly come
together in this time of emergency.
Wildfires are a normal event here
however never to this degree.
What some assumed would be a day's
worth has now turn into a week.
We currently have over 1,000 people
working to contain the fire,
currently at 27% and crews from
several other counties assisting.
We are so fortunate to have our fire
fighters and law enforcement working
to keep our community safe.

With all the stress yesterday I
stayed worried today about the twins.
I hadn't felt them move since
yesterday afternoon during lunch.
However, by dinner this evening
they were on the move again.
And about 11 pm they were having
a dance party in there!
I couldn't be happier knowing that
they are ok and the all the stress
from yesterday had not harmed them.
If only I could get them
to move on command :0)!

Although today was a better day
for us, the community, and the
containment of the fire, tomorrow
(Sunday) brings "extreme" winds
which can cause more damage as the
fire gets closer and closer into town.

All we can do is hope and pray that the
efforts of our emergency crews will be
successful and help put an end to the fire.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Nursery Complete (Sorta)

Justin is amazing!
I told him the other morning that
the furniture needed to be moved.
The set up just wasn't working.
He was hoping I was kidding.
I was serious.

So when he came home from work he
was ready to start the moving process.
It wasn't going to work the way I had
hoped so we had to think it out again.
Luckily Justin had an idea and TADA!
Our new set up is perfect and functional.
Who knew getting two cribs and all those
shelves to fit was gonna be so hard.

The nursery is a work in
progress, but for now we're done.
We have a busy week ahead of us.
I need to clean up the rest of the
house, find new homes for the many
items removed from the "guestroom"
and clean the carpet.
It seems our little dogs had a few
fits while we were in Las Vegas.
Little monsters.
Thank goodness they are adorable.

I spent the afternoon with my mom
yesterday getting a few of the last
little details, a changing pad,
another tree,and frames and that
little toy box under the window.
(We have one just like it in
the living room and I LOVE IT!)

A quote from a friend about the
changing table: Erin said
"Too bad such a pretty piece has to
be used for such a stinky job. :)"

I washed all their little items
like bibs, hats and receiving
blankets in order to put them away
right away in the little green bins.
I really want more of the bins.
They store flat for storage
and pop-up perfectly when needed.

I put away as much as I could.
Washing what was going
to be displayed ect.
And was able to clear out a
few boxes from our room. YAY!
I didn't wash clothes yet.
Maybe in a month or so.

I'm so happy the nursery is set up.
I worry that later on I'm going to
have trouble getting around and
would hate to know that I couldn't help.

Thank you Justin for making it
work and look so beautiful!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Nursery (Day 1-3)

Justin was one busy
guy on his days off this week.
He and I finished clearing out
the Guest room, though much of
what was removed is now all over
the rest of house in need of a home.
I'll be working on that this week.

Wednesday, he painted the
room & cleaned the carpet.
He's so fast.
I wasn't allowed to help with
painting the walls because of
the fumes, so when he started
I went to take a nap.
I woke up and the walls were all done!
Amazing man for sure!
When I told him I'd clean the carpet
so it could dry over night he sent me
away again and did it himself.
Gosh, I love him, and
I love being spoiled.

Thursday he installed
the new light fixture.
It's adorable with clouds.

Then he did some touch
ups around the room.
I helped paint the trim.

After installing new blinds he
started on building the furniture.
I helped when I could.

This morning before work Justin
anchored the shelves to the wall.
So far the shelves and
changing table are complete.

Silly me, we did all that
shopping at Ikea but I never got
the pad for the changing table.
Hopefully we can make a
trip up there again soon.
I'd like to get more of the green
baskets as well as the changing pad.

Justin even taught me how to
change the outlets out Thursday.
Thank goodness he's such a
handy man I wouldn't have a
clue how to do those things.
Doesn't he look like such a
proud Daddy in those photos.

This evening I began putting
the items we've collected so
far, away on the shelves.
If Justin's up to it when
he gets home we'll be
assembling the cribs.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh it's the Bump! (And More)

Finally, I felt like it's been
taking forever to finally show!
Over the last 3 weeks slowly
the belly has started to pop.
But today when I was looking
in the mirror I was like WOO-HOO!
I admit I am a chunky girl, so the
baby bump has taken it's time
filling out, though I can honestly
say I felt odd not showing.
People keep saying oh, but you don't
look pregnant, especially not with twins.
Oh I realized that, but there's no
way making yourself look bigger
unless you are actually bigger.

Today I'm at 26 weeks and 2 days.
Feeling pretty good and though my
weight gain has only been about 5
lbs since finding out I was
pregnant, I feel healthy.
I'm eating better, though
eating like a teenage boy.
I nap when I can. Usually a 2-3
hour nap a day is wonderful.
My breasts are bigger.
A major indication is my bra
size going from 42C to a 44DDD.
Yes major difference.
I'm not happy about it, but
Justin is adjusting well. Lol.

My clothes have been
driving me insane.
My breasts have made things
fit weird, shirts are much
shorter than they used to be.
Many Maternity shirts are
much too long with no bump.
Plus I'm so short alot of
shirts look like dresses.
So it's been fun trying
to find things to wear.
I have purchased quite a
few new clothes, but I don't
regret it one bit.
Now that I have my bump I feel much
better about some of the clothes.

Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011

We had our 2 week check-up
with Obstetrics today.
It was both for cervical length
and to check the growth of the twins.

I'm so happy Justin has been there to
share these appointments with me no
matter how uneventful they seem to be.
But it means so much that he's there.

The twins are each weighing in at 1lb 9oz.
Which means they are right on target!
As the tech was checking the babies, she
asked if we knew the sex of the babies.
I told her we were told Girls, but Justin's
still hoping for boys.
She confirmed it's girls.
Oh darn, haha.
All I could think was it better be
girls we have pink exploding in the house!
And everyone was told it's girls!

Justin's not too upset but he's
plotting for the next baby!
We do have a little box already
started if we have a boy later.
We really truly thought we were having
boys so there's a few clothes we've bought
that will be kept for a baby boy later.

Back to my baby girls.
The appointment went well and rather quickly.
However one baby was being silly
and had her face buried so we only
got one ultrasound photo today.

Isn't she a cutie!
I'm sure my silly one is just as cute.
(They are identical, haha!)

The babies have been moving like
crazy the past two days and we found
out today they are no longer heads
together, but one is upside down
and the other is right side up.
Today as I updated earlier posts they
moved so much that when I stood
up I was completely off balance.
Opps. I guess the belly bar I had
this morning finally kicked in.

I'm getting so excited!
I know Justin is too.

So far the only complications I've
had is back pain when I stand too
long, feet swelling, and just a few
nights ago a nasty cramp on my leg.
The swelling and cramp are caused
by not drinking enough water.
But I feel so slushy it's hard to
drink more water, but I know it's
very important so I'm trying harder.

I'm slowly starting to show.
I love it. And feeling them inside me
is so amazing it's so indescribable.
Justin is barely able to feel them,
however the other day as he gave my
tummy a raspberry then put his ear to
my tummy one of the babies either
punched or kicked him in the ear.
I told him not to tease the babies.
But it is the Daddy's job.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Very Pink Diaper Cake

Jennifer and I got together today
so she could show me how to build
a beautiful diaper cake.
We used diapers and little items
she brought, items Grandma has gotten,
a monkey Uncle Joe bought, as well as
items Justin and I have picked up along
the way (Like their personalized pacifiers.)

We used the colors for the baby shower
as our theme so we can use the diaper
cake as a center piece at the shower.
Dark Pink & Electric Green if
you go by M&M color names :0).
Plenty of pink to make you squint :0).
Or at least it had Justin
squinting when he got home.

The Cake is loaded with diapers in size
2 and the many things all of us have
gotten together for little Olivia and Ava.
The adorable little lambs with monkey on
top are Little Rattles that Jenn brought.
In the back are dancing socks from Grandma
who's been going crazy with buying socks.
It's so personalized and I'm so
excited to show it off at the shower.

Thank you Jennifer for helping
me with this adorable project.
It truly means alot to me.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Feelings About Twins...

As you read this I hope you place
yourself in my shoes before judging.

I haven't addressed this before,
but I think it's important as
I'm sure many people are wondering.
How am I handling being
pregnant with Twins?
Knowing that there will be
two babies to take care of?

I was excited, but at the same time
very upset when we first found out.
Why would God play such
a dirty trick on me?
He must think this is really funny.
How is that both of our families (our
generation)have had children one at a
time and we are the ones that
will have 2 at a time?
I took the first month
and half really hard.
Though I will say there was much
more going on than just that here
at home so I'm sure my emotions
were extremely crazy.

Justin has been a rock through the
whole thing, he's excited, no matter what.
He is so good natured and looks
only for the good, that he has helped
me to see it is not some dirty trick.
It is a gift.
I wanted a baby for so long that here
I am blessed with two at the same time.
It is a good thing, it is something
saved for only those who God thinks
can handle the task.
Justin and I are very lucky.
I say this and I truly do mean it.

Yes, I still have my oh goodness
moments, but my out look is no where
close to what it was a few months ago.
I'm excited and I can not wait
to bring my baby girls home.
To see if they look anything like
Angelina Jolie like my Auntie Pat says.
To see if one is as crazy as her daddy
and the other is a little calmer like me.
To see if they have their daddy's
height and gorgeous blue eyes.
(Oh please be taller than me, haha!)
I see our future with these babies
as something amazing, although full
of craziness.
But life is crazy, what can you expect.

Yes there's plenty still to wonder
and worry about, however there is
nothing to be upset over.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Nursery Shopping

In Feb after finding out we
were having TWINS I bought
the nursery bedding.
It's adorable with neutral colors,
beige, sage green, and brown.
I found a pretty blue color for
the walls and have slowly
collected small items for the room.

Yesterday though was a BIG Day.
Justin rented a U-Haul trailer
and Justin, Mom and I drove up to
Ikea in Tempe, AZ to shop.
It was literally just a trip for
that because we came straight home.

I have been planning this trip for a
while and even had a list of items
printed out of what we would have
to get while there.
So many things, but I wanted to
make sure we have enough storage.
And wanted to make sure what I get will
work with the room size and for us later
down the road as the babies grow.

We got their cribs, changing table,
shelves, high chairs, storage boxes
and a cute light fixture.
There was other odds and ends like
the teethers for the rails of the
cribs, bib cloths and more.
It was pricey, but to be honest it was
a better deal than going to Babies R US
to get a nursery set (meaning one crib
and the matching furniture) that more than
likely wouldn't fit into the room right.

It was nice little trip
and Justin was so helpful.
When he returned the trailer this morning
he even picked up the paint for the room.
He's one proud daddy!

He hopes to paint the room later this week.
And from there assemble the furniture.
I can then start my end of
making it all even prettier.

I'll be sure to post photos once it's done.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vegas Baby!

Justin and I took a nice weekend trip
to Vegas for our 7th anniversary.
Oh my goodness 7 years of being married
and I still adore this handsome man.
We celebrated it Sunday, May 29th 2011.
Yes we drive each other crazy,
but we love each other even more.

I was wanting to go somewhere
anywhere and just have US time
before the babies come.
So we finally agreed on
Las Vegas for four days.
Justin did all the planning.
He's awesome!

We stayed at the Renaissance hotel next
to the convention center and were able
to take the Monorail to the strip.
We got caught the first night and were
talked into doing a walk through for a
time share the next morning.
We got show tickets for Legends in
Concert, Buffet Vouchers and $75 in
free play, a nice little bribe ;0).

Justin bought us passes that we were
able to use Saturday and Sunday.
With the passes we were able to go
to the top of the Eiffel tower in
the Paris Casino.
Act as mobsters (he was "the Cigar"
and I was "Doves") for the day.
That was an amazing interactive exhibit.
We saw the Atomic Testing Museum.
And did plenty more.

Justin wanted to see at least one
Cirque Du Soleil show while we were
there so we choose Mystere at Treasure
Island Hotel and Casino.
It was a beautiful show and the
artist are amazing and the music was
much too soothing. Haha.
I admit the music was beautiful and had
me sleepy, but the show was truly fantastic.

The weekend was full of walking and
seeing and being amazed with the city.
But the best thing was sharing the
time with Justin and being a couple.
Our last little trip alone
before a new chapter begins.