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Friday, May 20, 2011

Baby Shower Plans

These babies have everyone
excited, my mom especially!
We went to Tucson today to get a few
things for the baby shower, but some
how the whole trunk was packed!

I was on a mission to get the second
stroller for when the babies are bigger.
I love the stroller it's Combi Double
stroller and super easy for me to put
down compared to others.
And 35 lbs compared to normal
double strollers at 75 lbs.
So the stroller filled the backseat alone.

We were able to get all the
tableware, a few decorations and
even items for party favor!
We stopped at 2 Babies R Us and Ross
where momma had a blast getting
clothes and socks for her grandbabies.

I've never seen so much Pink!
It's so cute but so PINK. :0)

The colors for the baby shower are
Green & Pink and the theme is 2 Peas
in Pod, too cute for twins.
Mom is working hard with the
games and getting all the goddies.
The baby shower is scheduled for June 18th.
I'm so excited!

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