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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

May 23, 2011

Today was a regular check-up with Doctor
Kacenga and an appointment with obstetrics.
Justin was able to go with
me to the regular appointment.

My weight is currently at 193.
One pound up from last time
when I lost one pound haha.
Doctor Kacenga even asked if I
was eating, I reply with yes
and even more so than ever.
I can honestly pack it now.

The nurse used the Doppler today
to hear they babies' heartbeats.
Baby B to my right side has a heartbeat of 138.
Baby A to my left side has a heartbeat of 144.

Baby A moves constantly!
She loves noise and I'm sure
will be our little wild child.
Baby B moves though I don't feel her
as often, unless I lay on my right side.
She's the calm one.

The doctor measured my belly at 32cm.
The doctor says it'll be fun to measure
it later as it gets bigger and bigger.
Right now I'm not showing, though my
tummy is getting harder and harder
as the babies fill the space.

We spoke about delivery and
what time frame we're looking at.
I am opting to do a C-section in hopes
that this will help to make sure that
the babies and myself are not stressed
during the delivery.
The doctor agrees and says as we go we'll
look at their development and in most cases
twins are born via c-section around 38 weeks.
This puts us at last week of August.

After dropping of Justin at home
I picked up mom for the second
appointment with obstetrics.
It's the first ultrasound mom was able to attend.
She was able to see the babies.
Calm as could be today during the ultrasound.
It was a quick appointment with the scan of the
cervix and the ultrasound verifying the babies were OK.
No photos today, boo.
Next appointment is set for June 6 for a scan
of the cervix and the growth of the babies.

Mom and I went to My Big Fat Greek Restaurant
for lunch and to see pirates of the Caribbean.
It was a nice relaxing day.

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