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Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011

Today was another appointment for obstetrics.
They did the normal two week scan
of my cervix, and checked the
anatomy of the babies.

The babies were very active today,
however the tech had trouble seeing
their heartbeats and their facial
features, so we'll be checking that
again in 4 weeks.

Both babies are weighing in at 14
ounces each, perfectly on target!

And we were able to find
out they are identical GIRLS!

When the tech said the first one was
a girl I thought, "Oh please let
the other one be a boy, for Justin."
Opps both girls, guess will be
trying again for a boy later on.
I'm excited though.
Mom and I really thought it would be boys.
Now we can buy pink and ruffles!

Justin was disappointed, of
course, but he'll get over it.
In fact he's secretly ok with it.
We went to Babies R Us today to look
around and I left him for only a few
minutes and came back to find that he
was looking at baby girl clothes.
He picked a two track suits,
one in pink and one in purple.
Then complained, then complained
again, "Why do they do this to me?"
as he came round the racks with two more
adorable matching Pink & Purple Outfits.

Him being the cool daddy even got
the girls pacifiers with their
names, Olivia & Ava.

Oh their names!
Olivia Marie Lamb
& Ava Danielle Lamb.
Olivia (Marie- Grandma Lamb)
Ava (Danielle- Justin's brother Daniel
& my Sister Danielle)
But as mom and I spoke both girls actually
share my sister's name, Danielle Marie.
I'd like to think Ava is a way of
saying my grandmother's name, Auriela.

I'm excited can you tell?

Yes we have worries.
TWO GIRLS, that means:
Make-up, boyfriends, bling,
prom dresses, weddings, oh geeze.

We'll make it through though,
we always do!

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