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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The BIG Step...

Deciding to take the Biggest
Step in our lives wasn't easy.
We've been married 6 years as
of May 2010 and yes children
were part of the plan but when?
We had our house which is one thing
I required and I was in baby mode.

But as of Feb 2010 Justin was not ready.
I can't blame him it's a huge step.
But after months of talking
it out, or shall we say me
bugging him, he finally said ok.
It took us nearly 9 months
to finally conceive.
It wasn't a we need to do this
now sorta thing, there were plenty
of breaks and tifts, but did happen.
It was also the last month that
we were trying that it worked.

I figured if it didn't happen
in December we could take a
break for a few months.
After awhile it does put
stress on the relationship.
So in Jan this year when found out
I was pregnant I was so excited!
Also alittle bummed, I'd be a
whale in the middle of summer, haha!

Justin is more ready than he thought.
He's excited.
He is very hands on and willing
to take part in everything, and
that means the world to me.
I am so very lucky to have such a
great and of course handsome husband!

One thing we've both found funny
was how our families took the news.
People we hardly know think we've
only been married a couple years
so we're right on track.
But our families thought we'd been
married so long with out children
we probably were going to try.
Yes I admit, we love our dogs
and they are part of the family, but
we wanted babies of our own one day.
They are happy for us which is
great, but they are still
alittle shocked which is funny.

I need to be honest about why I
wanted to have a baby so bad.
It's common in our family to have
pregnancy issues and most women in
family have a hysterectomy by
the time they are 35.
I am currently 27.
I saw this as an issue.
Maybe I could have my first
baby and but would I be able to
have a second in a few years?
This concerned me quite a bit.

Lucky me, we are having
twins on the first try!
And so far everything has
just been chugging right along.

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