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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Surprise! It's Twins!

It's taken me a week to finally sit down
and write about last week's appointment.
Last Tuesday, Feb 1, 2011 was the first
official Baby Appointment. Our Current
doctor is Peter Van Oosteen.

Everything went well, and when the doctor
checked the size of my uterus he was concerned
it was larger and thought I might be further
along than originally said. So he asked that
I go for an ultra sound. Daddy and I went to
get the ultrasound and as we were in the waiting
room Daddy and I were talking about Taco's I
seemed to have swallowed whole a couple days
before. He jokingly told me that I'm eating
for three.

We went in for the ultrasound and were told
that yes we were at 7 weeks, but there was a
surprise! There are 2 of you! A surprise
yet not! Twins run in both families and it
seems to skipped everyone, so of course it
would catch us! Haha. But we're both excited.
Daddy even more than me. Crazy, huh?

Daddy and I are very happy with the idea of twins
and hope very much to have 1 boy and 1 girl
but identical twins are perfect too. We've picked
out 2 boy names Nathan William Lamb (William is a
Lamb Family name.) & Nicholas Andrew Lamb (Andrew
after Uncle Joe). And 1 girl name so far Olivia
Marie (After Great Grandma Mary Lamb.)

Grandma Montes was the first to find out of course!
She's so excited! We went shopping on Saturday
and I asked to pay for some of the items we
picked for you two. She said I wasn't allowed
to deprive her of her grandma duties! We found
bedding for you two yesterday and I'm very
excited to get the room together in the coming
months. We're collecting items for you and have
2 boxes filled to far. Daddy and I even looked
at strollers and car seats this weekend.

How old are you:
As of today we are predicting you to
be 8 weeks, 0 days. You're expected
due date is September 20, 2011.
You are both currently the size of a raspberry!

Next Appointment:
March 1, 2011, 10:30AM.

Our Doctor Peter Van Oosten, M.D..

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