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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Telling Justin's Family...

We were so excited to tell our
families that twins were on the way.
With having my family here in town it
was easy, but with Justin's living 3
hours away it's much tougher.

We called Justin's Dad and brother's and
told them we wanted to share news with them.
Believe me when I say there isn't much
going on with us so this is a big deal.
We wanted to tell everyone in person.

Justin's oldest brother Jeremy and his
wife Tasha made an immediate effort to meet
us half way in Tucson for dinner and shopping.
We got to tell them and our three nephews
Keith, Devin and Trevor about our good news.
Right away their were happy for us.
We also let them know that we'd like for
them to be the godparents to our babies.
Jeremy is excited to be "The Godfather."

After dinner & walking the mall we parted,
but met again a few hours later with them
and Justin's younger brother Daniel.
Daniel was excited to find out to however
had a concern, where was he supposed to sleep.
The guestroom is practically his!

Justin's Dad & and Step mother thought
the news was just website stuff so
they didn't take it seriously.
No big deal, we we're able to tell
them face to face so Justin called
his Dad to tell him the news.
Keith being a pilot was on his way to
work and wasn't able to speak, so he told
Justin he'd call him when he got there.

Justin called Grandma Lamb to tell
her she'd have more great grandchildren.
Grandma Lamb dropped the phone, she was so stunned.
Aunt Susan picked up the phone
to finish verifying the news.
Both Grandma Lamb & Aunt Susan were excited.
Grandma Lamb remembered my list
of demands before having children.
Like having our own home.
She's very proud and very excited.

Once Keith landed he called Justin
to find out what was so important.
Justin told him he's be a grandpa again x2!
Keith was saying it's about time, haha!
From there Keith told Lori and they came
down a few weeks later to visit.
Lori brought down a few gifts for the babies,
books, and a nifty thermometer that's a pacifier.
Justin even tried it out. Silly Guy.

So all the family knows, now it's just
a matter of waiting to find out if we
have boys or girls baking.

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