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Monday, August 15, 2011

Making Room pt 1

I knew making room for a baby
was hard work, but making room
for two has been nuts.
Thankfully with help from my
amazing Mom and loving Husband
it has been made it easier!

Last week when my mom asked
what I needed to do or would
like to do, I don't think she
expected such a huge task.
My goal was to find a way to put
all the babies' bath items in
the bathroom where they belong.
As we put everything into
the bathroom on the counter
we both became over whelmed.
How in the world are all those
baby towels, emergency kits,
grooming kits, lotion and body
wash bottles going to fit, in this
tiny room with what was already there.

My mom is amazing, her suggestion
an over the toilet cabinet.
Yes not rocket science, but I never
look that way so I'd never thought of
that, so to me it's a genius idea.
And it worked!
We began our journey of this master
plan early last week, but last night
it was all (sort of) put together.
The twins bath items are now put
away, though I need to re-organize
the linen closet to make room for
a few rarely used towels.

Our lovely New Cabinet filled with
lotions, powders, body washes and more.

I honestly didn't think the
normal bath towels and the babies'
towels would fit but they do!
Thank goodness!
Larger towels in the bottom cabinet.
Small wash cloths in a drawer.
Pencil boxes will with their tooth
brushes, travel bottles, medical
pacifiers and more also in a drawer.

Though the space is small we're
making it work and I'm so excited
that it's all coming together.

Extra special thank you to my mom &
nana-to-be, for purchasing, assembling
and installing this beautiful new cabinet.

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