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Monday, August 15, 2011

Making Room pt 2

Though our main goal last
week was to finish the
bathroom we became side tracked.
Simple for us.

Our second goal was to finish
shopping for what we needed,
like supplies for the breast
pump, a second bassinet &
sheets, more diapers and baby
grooming & medications.

We planned a trip to Babies R Us
and took with us Honorary Grandma Kay.
The plan was finish up or
list and go out to lunch.
We were doing well, I started off the
adventure in a wheel chair, I knew our
day was going to be long and I wanted
desperately to to last all day.
We focused and finished up the list
within in hour and at that point I got
out of the wheel chair and figured I
would walk it was just browsing now.

That was until we got to the clothing.
Then both Nana and HG were lost to me.
Both looking for bargains and matching
clothes on the clearance racks.
I found a few items like 2 half off itsy
bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka dot bikinis,
that Justin had been hoping to find.
There's a photo of me in a blue bikini
when I was about 1 year old so he figures
the babies need the same type of photo.
I'm all for it!

Once I was done looking I was ready
to get back into the wheel chair.
My mom saw that and helped me in,
then helped me to move off to the side.
I only saw mom and Kay if they
wanted to show me something or
put something in the cart.
It was starting to pile up higher
and higher with beautiful clothes.

Mom and I are bargain hunters,
we try to never pay full price.
The twins clothes so far have
been sale, clearance or Ross
& Marshall's finds.
Alot of what you see at Babies R Us,
even on clearance, at times, are even
less at Marshall's and Ross, name brands
like Carters and Puma outfits normally
$20-$25 each only $7-$12.
Big Savings!

After a long scavenger hunt both
ladies came back to where they left
we to say they looked through
everything and found what they could.
All of us were more than ready
for lunch and after a couple
seconds realized why.
We began our shopping adventure about
11:30AM and it was already 3:00PM.
Time went by fast.

We checked out leaving with major
saving and tons of clothes for the
twins, larger sizes of course!
We then enjoyed a nice big lunch at BJ's.
Mom who was driving was getting very
tired and how do you perk her up?
Easy ask if she'd like to stop at
the Casino before heading home.

Oh she was definitely perked up!
30 minutes at the casino does
wonders for mom and she even
wanted to stop at the truck
stop for dessert.
That was a MASSIVE dessert.
Kay and I each got a deep dish
cheery pie with soft serve ice cream.
Momma got the Brownie Bomber!
Those desserts were
Delicious, but HUGE.

I know this post is called Making Room
pt 2, and doesn't mention organizing,
but it is part of the process :)!
Because of all the new clothes we need
to re-organize the boxes on the top of
the nursery closet to make room.
The babies are set for clothes until 12months.
Yes there with be outfits bought here
and there for special occasions but for
the most part these baby girls will be
styling no matter what the day is.

I'm happy & appreciate that my mom
has spoiled the twins and us so much.
It'll make life alittle easier
knowing we're starting off so well.

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