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Monday, June 13, 2011

Nursery Complete (Sorta)

Justin is amazing!
I told him the other morning that
the furniture needed to be moved.
The set up just wasn't working.
He was hoping I was kidding.
I was serious.

So when he came home from work he
was ready to start the moving process.
It wasn't going to work the way I had
hoped so we had to think it out again.
Luckily Justin had an idea and TADA!
Our new set up is perfect and functional.
Who knew getting two cribs and all those
shelves to fit was gonna be so hard.

The nursery is a work in
progress, but for now we're done.
We have a busy week ahead of us.
I need to clean up the rest of the
house, find new homes for the many
items removed from the "guestroom"
and clean the carpet.
It seems our little dogs had a few
fits while we were in Las Vegas.
Little monsters.
Thank goodness they are adorable.

I spent the afternoon with my mom
yesterday getting a few of the last
little details, a changing pad,
another tree,and frames and that
little toy box under the window.
(We have one just like it in
the living room and I LOVE IT!)

A quote from a friend about the
changing table: Erin said
"Too bad such a pretty piece has to
be used for such a stinky job. :)"

I washed all their little items
like bibs, hats and receiving
blankets in order to put them away
right away in the little green bins.
I really want more of the bins.
They store flat for storage
and pop-up perfectly when needed.

I put away as much as I could.
Washing what was going
to be displayed ect.
And was able to clear out a
few boxes from our room. YAY!
I didn't wash clothes yet.
Maybe in a month or so.

I'm so happy the nursery is set up.
I worry that later on I'm going to
have trouble getting around and
would hate to know that I couldn't help.

Thank you Justin for making it
work and look so beautiful!

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