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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

29 weeks & Tacos!

I never took my belly photo last week.
Shame on me.
But I took this weeks so
that makes me very happy!

The belly is certainly swelling.
Justin likes to tease of me,
but secretly I think he's in
awe of what's happening.

The babies stay busy
fluttering, but in all honesty
I wish I'd feel them kick more.
It was put me at ease for sure.
What I find very interesting is
they must know when I'm going to
eat or when I am eating because
nearly every time I feel them move.
It's very funny.

During the first part of
pregnancy I had to have Tacos
or Mexican food constantly.
But a trip to El Paso, thankfully changed that.
(Normally I'm a pizza kinda girl,
but sadly even that has changed.)
Mom and I went for Easter
to spend time with my Aunt.

We went to CHICO's YUMMY!
Chico's is a very important
place to visit while in El Paso!
I inhaled an order of double double
(double tacos, 6 & double cheese),
finishing even before Momma.
Now normally I eat slow,
so this was pretty weird.
And to top it off I was
wanting a second order!
I refrained of course with hopes
to go once more before we left town.
We left town on Easter Sunday
and sadly Chico's was closed.
It left me wanting more, even now
months later I feel the need to
drive for 5 hours to have some.

Thankfully though this sad incident
has dwindled down my need for tacos.
It was getting pretty embarrassing
all the Taco places here in
town were getting to know me.
I still have to have Tacos once a
week, but the need isn't nearly as bad.

My Mom however has a new craving
for Tortas, a Mexican sandwich.
So this morning she said we were
having Tacos for lunch and told me
she wanted a Torta, I thought okie
dokie, it hasn't been a week yet
and I'm not craving but ok.
But sneaky her she went on Facebook and
claimed me and the babies needed TACOS.
She's too funny.
I Love my Momma!
She's crazy!

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