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Sunday, June 19, 2011

A stressful weekend...

Last Sunday a fire started in
the Coronado National Monument
and has since gotten worse.
It's burned over 20,000
acres of land and many people
have lost their homes.
It's been rounds of pre-evacuation
notices and mandatory notices that
change by the hour.
With the fire getting worse and
family from out of town coming in
that evening as well as so many
friends being effected by the fire,
mom and I made the decision to postpone
the baby shower for today Saturday,
June 18, until further notice.
My auntie Pat, Cousin Jenny and
her boys were already here.
So we made all the calls we
could to let everyone know.

We went to lunch as a family, but by
the time lunch ended another fire was
going on the post, even closer to home.
We went our separate ways and
once home began packing our
bags in case of an evacuation.
My aunt and cousin headed back to Texas.
Mom lives closer to the center
of town, though not by much.
We live on the outskirts, yet
closer to town, with fields of
brush just down the street.
Justin was worried that if the
winds changed the Monument fire
would come in our direction.

The fire on post thankfully was
100% contained and cleared by 6PM
Friday evening when we went to the
town meeting, to learn of the latest news.

The community has truly come
together in this time of emergency.
Wildfires are a normal event here
however never to this degree.
What some assumed would be a day's
worth has now turn into a week.
We currently have over 1,000 people
working to contain the fire,
currently at 27% and crews from
several other counties assisting.
We are so fortunate to have our fire
fighters and law enforcement working
to keep our community safe.

With all the stress yesterday I
stayed worried today about the twins.
I hadn't felt them move since
yesterday afternoon during lunch.
However, by dinner this evening
they were on the move again.
And about 11 pm they were having
a dance party in there!
I couldn't be happier knowing that
they are ok and the all the stress
from yesterday had not harmed them.
If only I could get them
to move on command :0)!

Although today was a better day
for us, the community, and the
containment of the fire, tomorrow
(Sunday) brings "extreme" winds
which can cause more damage as the
fire gets closer and closer into town.

All we can do is hope and pray that the
efforts of our emergency crews will be
successful and help put an end to the fire.

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