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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Feelings About Twins...

As you read this I hope you place
yourself in my shoes before judging.

I haven't addressed this before,
but I think it's important as
I'm sure many people are wondering.
How am I handling being
pregnant with Twins?
Knowing that there will be
two babies to take care of?

I was excited, but at the same time
very upset when we first found out.
Why would God play such
a dirty trick on me?
He must think this is really funny.
How is that both of our families (our
generation)have had children one at a
time and we are the ones that
will have 2 at a time?
I took the first month
and half really hard.
Though I will say there was much
more going on than just that here
at home so I'm sure my emotions
were extremely crazy.

Justin has been a rock through the
whole thing, he's excited, no matter what.
He is so good natured and looks
only for the good, that he has helped
me to see it is not some dirty trick.
It is a gift.
I wanted a baby for so long that here
I am blessed with two at the same time.
It is a good thing, it is something
saved for only those who God thinks
can handle the task.
Justin and I are very lucky.
I say this and I truly do mean it.

Yes, I still have my oh goodness
moments, but my out look is no where
close to what it was a few months ago.
I'm excited and I can not wait
to bring my baby girls home.
To see if they look anything like
Angelina Jolie like my Auntie Pat says.
To see if one is as crazy as her daddy
and the other is a little calmer like me.
To see if they have their daddy's
height and gorgeous blue eyes.
(Oh please be taller than me, haha!)
I see our future with these babies
as something amazing, although full
of craziness.
But life is crazy, what can you expect.

Yes there's plenty still to wonder
and worry about, however there is
nothing to be upset over.

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