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Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011

We had our 2 week check-up
with Obstetrics today.
It was both for cervical length
and to check the growth of the twins.

I'm so happy Justin has been there to
share these appointments with me no
matter how uneventful they seem to be.
But it means so much that he's there.

The twins are each weighing in at 1lb 9oz.
Which means they are right on target!
As the tech was checking the babies, she
asked if we knew the sex of the babies.
I told her we were told Girls, but Justin's
still hoping for boys.
She confirmed it's girls.
Oh darn, haha.
All I could think was it better be
girls we have pink exploding in the house!
And everyone was told it's girls!

Justin's not too upset but he's
plotting for the next baby!
We do have a little box already
started if we have a boy later.
We really truly thought we were having
boys so there's a few clothes we've bought
that will be kept for a baby boy later.

Back to my baby girls.
The appointment went well and rather quickly.
However one baby was being silly
and had her face buried so we only
got one ultrasound photo today.

Isn't she a cutie!
I'm sure my silly one is just as cute.
(They are identical, haha!)

The babies have been moving like
crazy the past two days and we found
out today they are no longer heads
together, but one is upside down
and the other is right side up.
Today as I updated earlier posts they
moved so much that when I stood
up I was completely off balance.
Opps. I guess the belly bar I had
this morning finally kicked in.

I'm getting so excited!
I know Justin is too.

So far the only complications I've
had is back pain when I stand too
long, feet swelling, and just a few
nights ago a nasty cramp on my leg.
The swelling and cramp are caused
by not drinking enough water.
But I feel so slushy it's hard to
drink more water, but I know it's
very important so I'm trying harder.

I'm slowly starting to show.
I love it. And feeling them inside me
is so amazing it's so indescribable.
Justin is barely able to feel them,
however the other day as he gave my
tummy a raspberry then put his ear to
my tummy one of the babies either
punched or kicked him in the ear.
I told him not to tease the babies.
But it is the Daddy's job.

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