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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Very Pink Diaper Cake

Jennifer and I got together today
so she could show me how to build
a beautiful diaper cake.
We used diapers and little items
she brought, items Grandma has gotten,
a monkey Uncle Joe bought, as well as
items Justin and I have picked up along
the way (Like their personalized pacifiers.)

We used the colors for the baby shower
as our theme so we can use the diaper
cake as a center piece at the shower.
Dark Pink & Electric Green if
you go by M&M color names :0).
Plenty of pink to make you squint :0).
Or at least it had Justin
squinting when he got home.

The Cake is loaded with diapers in size
2 and the many things all of us have
gotten together for little Olivia and Ava.
The adorable little lambs with monkey on
top are Little Rattles that Jenn brought.
In the back are dancing socks from Grandma
who's been going crazy with buying socks.
It's so personalized and I'm so
excited to show it off at the shower.

Thank you Jennifer for helping
me with this adorable project.
It truly means alot to me.

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  1. Oh that's just screaming adorable!!! What talent you ladies have.