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Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011

27 weeks 5 days

Today was our last 4 week check up
with Dr. Kacanga, because the next
one is in 2 weeks and the following
will be once a week.
The nurse was very sweet today
and was happy for us the the
current status of the pregnancy.
She was concerned at first
about my lack of weight gain.
I lost a pound from last time.
Back to 192lbs.

So when she asked if I eat well,
I said yes, while Justin is the
back ground shaking his head and
say oh yea! She even had to laugh.
I told her I can now keep up with him.

My blood pressure is great and all
the blood test came back great.
There are currently no risks with
gestational diabetes, which is
something my family and I were
very worried about.

The babies heart beats are great, too!
One is at 148 beats and the other 140.
When speaking to the Dr today he
mentioned I'll start stress tests
in the next three weeks.
Those will be at the hospital
and can last up to an hour at a time.

One concern I expressed today with
the doctor was pain in my pelvic area
that's also extended to my left leg.
I did look it up online and the
doctor confirmed it's my ligaments
stretching out and becoming floppy.
There's extra weight with the babies
and it's putting stress on my pelvic
area causing soreness.
It's like I've been working out my
leg and I'm too sore to even move.
Getting in and out of bed
and just standing up hurts.
Though it hurts it's normal
and thing to worry about.
So far the Doctor thinks all
is well, so that's good.

Today was also the
appointment with obstetrics.
According to the tech it's the
last cervical length scan for there.
I'll still be going in for growth
of the babies and to check the
fluid amount in the amniotic sack.
Again all was well there too!
I'm so happy we're just chugging along.

No ultrasound photos today, but
maybe for the next growth ultrasound!

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  1. Stress tests suck! So boring! I hated just laying there and trying to be quiet. LOL! I'll be praying yours go smoother than mine...several times I ended up there for several hours, but I also had high blood pressure, and yours is fine. :-) Love and miss you guys so much! Wish I was around for support, but know that I'm sending my love and support from VA! :-)