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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh it's the Bump! (And More)

Finally, I felt like it's been
taking forever to finally show!
Over the last 3 weeks slowly
the belly has started to pop.
But today when I was looking
in the mirror I was like WOO-HOO!
I admit I am a chunky girl, so the
baby bump has taken it's time
filling out, though I can honestly
say I felt odd not showing.
People keep saying oh, but you don't
look pregnant, especially not with twins.
Oh I realized that, but there's no
way making yourself look bigger
unless you are actually bigger.

Today I'm at 26 weeks and 2 days.
Feeling pretty good and though my
weight gain has only been about 5
lbs since finding out I was
pregnant, I feel healthy.
I'm eating better, though
eating like a teenage boy.
I nap when I can. Usually a 2-3
hour nap a day is wonderful.
My breasts are bigger.
A major indication is my bra
size going from 42C to a 44DDD.
Yes major difference.
I'm not happy about it, but
Justin is adjusting well. Lol.

My clothes have been
driving me insane.
My breasts have made things
fit weird, shirts are much
shorter than they used to be.
Many Maternity shirts are
much too long with no bump.
Plus I'm so short alot of
shirts look like dresses.
So it's been fun trying
to find things to wear.
I have purchased quite a
few new clothes, but I don't
regret it one bit.
Now that I have my bump I feel much
better about some of the clothes.

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  1. You look SO CUTE! For real! I love the bump! For clothes...I just found out that Torrid has maternity! There's not a ton, but what I saw was really cute. :-)