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Thursday, July 28, 2011

33 Weeks!

I can't believe we're already on week 33.
The belly gets bigger every week and
now so do the numbers on the scale.
Gain another 3 lbs since last week.

We went in for weekly apt Monday.
Babies seem to be doing well.
My cervix has thinned out about 50%.
Right now the dr just wants to
take it week by week and see
how the babies are doing.
We set up the next Obstetrics Apt
for Aug 8 to check their growth.
We asked the Dr about the ultrasounds
last week to make sure we shouldn't be
concerned and he said nope,
it's fairly normal.
The babies still have enough room
to move so it's normal for them
to move around quite a bit.

Tuesday was another NST, the babies
did pretty well except they had to
tilt me to the opposite side after
a while and Baby B had a decel in
heart rate for just a minute or two.
I told mom it's because
Baby A was squishing her.

We thought we'd get out early,
but nope had to stay for
another ultrasound, darn.
I had a rough day.
Laying down is very hard for me
already because I can't breath
right and the babies are
putting pressure on EVERYTHING.
I had a hard time during the
ultrasound getting myself to calm down.
I was getting dizzy and nauseated.
This is normal for a pregnant
woman laying flat on her back.
So there is no cause for alarm.
The Tech had to wait on me
to get comfortable, and
once I did I even dozed off.
I felt bad for the Tech I
was being such a pain.

Baby A wasn't being
cooperative either.
He was scanning her movement
and no matter how much he
poked her she wouldn't budge.
He finally had to go to
Baby B to check her out.
Once he went back to Baby A
she was moving around again.
Lazy and stubborn little girl.

Everything check out.
Thank goodness the care
we receive is so good.
Another NST tomorrow, cross
your fingers it won't be as
long, my body can't take it.

Before I forget!
This week's belly shot!

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