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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Such an excited Daddy!

Justin has been amazing, yes he
says he's diappointed he's having
girls first, but he's determine
we'll have baby #3 and it'll be
a boy so it's not so bad.

He wants all the coolest and
best gadgets for his babies.
A good example is I researched
a bath tub for the counter and
found one that has some of the
best reviews but is just a bath
tub with the hamock.
We bought it and later
on went to Babies R Us.

Mom and I are in one aisle and
he's a couple down from us.
I see him rush past with a huge box.
Finally we see what he's up to.
He's found a Spa Bath Tub for
his babies and it's on SALE.
It's WAY better than the one I
picked, it has a shower portion
and everything.
Now I did ask to get a green one
instead of a pink one, it matches
the bathroom better, haha.
It's about $15 more than the one
I picked not on sale and only a
few dollars more on sale so he
puts it in the cart.
We took back the one
I picked, of course.

Am I upset, heck no.
Excited he's interesting in
getting stuff for the babies
and better stuff even.

He is fun to watch.
I think that night he was the
only one to put stuff in cart,
from extra nice bibs, to dish
soap that's all natural and
of course a few more gadgets.
He's going to be such a cool daddy.
The babies and I are very lucky.

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