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Monday, July 18, 2011

Sugar Cookies!

Erin and I met through an
online scrapbooking site.
Though we've never met in
person, we still are very close.
From online chats, phone calls and
sending each other boxes of goodies
we've gotten to know each other.
Erin is a very special
person and so talented.
I'm so lucky to have met her.

This past week she slaved in the
kitchen making us beautiful sugar
cookies with the baby shower
theme Two Peas in a Pod.
And she shipped the cookies all
the way from Kansas to Arizona
to be eaten at the shower!

When she text me the photo of the
cookies I was so excited I had to
share it right away with Mom and Justin.
I never expected anything like this from anyone.
It's such a special gift and so personalized.

We received the box Thursday evening
and right away Justin and I had to
inspect the cookie, haha.
The cookies look so professional
and the packing was perfect, only
one cookie cracked in transit.
Justin and I of course took advantage
of this broken cookie and ate it all up!
It was delish!

Erin is so sweet she even sent the babies
some outfits that are completely adorable!

The cookies were a huge hit at the Baby
Shower and our story of friendship was too.

Thank you Erin! You're amazing!

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