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Monday, July 18, 2011

Baby Shower

Mom is wonderful!
She did such an amazing job putting
the baby shower together and hosting it.
It was so relaxing for me and
extra fun for all the ladies.

She did quite a few games like:
Poopy Diaper Game - you melt chocolate
candies into diapers and the guest have
to figure out the candy like snickers, ect.
How Big is Mommy's Belly- Some
of the girls got extra close!
What was Mommy wearing -
Mommy has to step out of the room.
What's in your purse?
What does Mommy hope her baby looks like
Features she hopes the baby will
get from her self or from Daddy.
Justin and I had a big discussion
about this one the other day.

How many diapers in the Diaper Cakes!

There were quite a few
games and so many Prizes!
Even Justin & his dad got to play along!

Mom dressed me all up with a beautiful
corsage she made with two babies in a
pod, a crown "Mommy to Be" and a sash
also with "Mommy to Be".
I was able to make corsages for the family,
Great Grandma Lamb, Nana - My Mom,
Grandma - Lori, Honorary Grandma - Kay,
and Aunt Chloe.
Nana & Grandma even got special
necklaces with their new names.

Dinner was amazing.
Mom had the Baby shower catered
by My Big Fat Greek Restaurant.
We had Gyros, Meatballs,
Zucchini Cakes and fresh salad.
It was so yummy and we had left
overs we're still trying to finish.

Mom ordered beautiful cakes.
One half sheet Cake that I think
we finished eating at the shower.
It had the cutest little
babies sitting in flowers.
The cake was vanilla with tres
leche filling and whipped topping.
The second cake was
actually a cupcake cake.
The cupcakes were adorable with
little pink flowers and grass and
in a pot there were 5 hovering cupcakes.
Those were vanilla with whipped topping.
We got to bring those home to enjoy!

Our guest were amazing.
Ladies who Mom and I have known
for years were able to join us.
Justin's family, our Scrapbooking
Friends, a girl I've known since
8th grade, Ladies we've known
through working and three extra
special young ladies.
These three girls - Nikki, Samantha
& Makayla are Zona's daughters.
Zona is part of the pair that introduced
Justin and I 8 years ago this month.
Though Zona is no longer with us,
she and her girls mean the world to us.
We are so blessed to have so many friends
and family join us even across the miles
though not all in person but in thought.

Our little babies and us are so loved and
blessed we've received the most amazing gifts.
I'd list them all but there's SO Many!
Lets just say we'll be sitting, rocking,
swinging, and bouncing in style with their
beautiful clothes and extra cool accessories.
Thank you to everyone, everything
will be used and loved and cherished.
Justin and I truly appreciate everything.
And thank you for taking time
out to join us for this event.

Mom thank you for making the shower
such a wonderful evening with a great
venue, amazing food and fun.
You and Dad have done so much for us
I don't know how we could thank you enough.
We know our little ones will be very spoiled!

More photos to come!

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