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Friday, July 22, 2011

NSTs and naughty babies...

Tuesday our little Twinkies
(nicknamed so by our main nurse)
were being naughty and moving
when they shouldn't and not
moving when they should.
The nurse was going crazy
changing the position of
the monitors constantly.
Actually there were three
nurses taking care of us.
Baby B was being extra naughty and
the nurses had to call the Dr to
see if they need to do extra testing.

An ultrasound was needed to
make sure the babies were okay.
Everything checked out and the babies
are doing fine just miss behaving.
We spent 2 1/2 hours at the hospital
for a normal 30-45 minute test.
Poor mom we told her we'd go
eat after the test, so she had
to wait just as long as us.

But Tuesday's was not as long as today's.
Mom and I did however eat before, haha.
Today it took a while to get signed in.
We did get taken care of right away
though once back in Maternal Child.
A different nurse took care of me at first.
The babies were steady on
the monitors for the most part.

Baby A took her turn today to be naughty.
As the nurse explained the heart rate
stays at steady rate however little miss
diva dropped just alittle from her average
for the day and this concerned the nurses.
They left the monitors on me for over
an hour to make sure she was steady
and decided to ask the Dr if maybe
it could be a higher concern.
The Dr requested another ultrasound
to just verify the Twinkies were ok.
I admit the length of time very very
long to wait, but when your Dr is making
sure you and your baby(ies) are okay and
not risking it, it's worth the wait.

It's sad when all the admin and nurse
and now the ultrasound tech recognize me.
We had a wait for the ultrasound
tech who was extra busy today.
But lucky us got to peek at
the babies on the screen.
Baby A is now head down with h
er spine coming up my left side.
Baby B is laying almost sideways in
my belly, with her head down to my
right side and her legs on the top
of my belly.
They changed positions
since last week on Monday!

I'm figuring they did most of
that yesterday when they spent
the day busy busy!
As the tech pressed on the top of
my tummy he showed us where
Baby B's legs were.
He would push down and the little
legs went down on the screen.
It was so amazing to see.
Of course both babies are okay,
just being naughty.

Mom or "NANA" should I say, was just
excited to get to see her Little Cupcakes.
I'm very lucky the nurses, tech and Dr
have been so great in taking care of
me and the Twinkies.
I'm even luckier my mom held
out though the whole thing.
That's a LONG time for her to sit still.
Hmmm... wonder why the babies are so naughty.

In total the test today
was over 3 1/2 hours long.
I was so happy to stand up
after laying down for so long.
We'll be there again next Tuesday
and lets just cross our fingers
that it will be short and sweet.

Belly Shot Week 32!

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