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Monday, July 18, 2011

5 lbs!

Today we went for our weekly
check up with Dr Kacenga.
The nurse took my weight
and guess what I gained 5lbs!
That's a total of 15lbs gained
since I first went in in February.
Normal Pregnancies weight gain is
up to 40lbs while multiples is 60lbs.
Though I'm at 32 weeks my
weight gain isn't a concern
as long as the babies are ok.
I did start off overweight so the
lack of weight gain isn't an issue.

The Dr checked my cervix to make sure
there's no danger of dilating early.
So far we're ok.
Dr Kacenga makes the appointments
interesting with little stories
and jokes, it help ease the mood.
He's a silly guy and very smart.
Justin and I appreciate his honesty
and the way he explains things.
We sometimes see Dr Silvia and though
he's a great Dr he is not as personable.

Right not the Doctor sill hopes
we can make it to 38 weeks.
We hope so too!
Justin was recently selected for a
detail here in Sierra Vista and
the detail will last 3 years.
This is both exciting and helpful.
Right now he commutes 2 hours
a day and gas is pricey!
What we'll be saving in gas
though we'll be using for diapers.
But the idea of him being
in town is so nice.

There is one little bitty draw
back to this new position.
Justin will be in North Dakota for 2
weeks for training, from August 7th-20th.
The concern is what if the
babies don't wait and decide
to come at 36 weeks or earlier.
36 weeks currently puts us at the 17th.
38 weeks puts us at August 31st.
All I hope is they wait until after
the 22nd to make their grand entrance!

The Appointments are now once
a week and we're doing
non-stress tests twice a week.
All is going well so far.

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