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Monday, July 11, 2011

July 11, 2011 Ultrasound

We had the growth ultrasound
today and it went great!
The Techs have had trouble
getting the babies to move
in possitions where they can
see the babies hearts and
faces and today both babies
let the Tech and us peek!

Look at these babies!
Baby A - 3lbs 6oz


Baby B - 3lbs 4oz


Baby A is breach and
Baby B is head down.
Baby B had Baby A in a head
lock with her little feet.
Aww fighting already :)!

All looks good and
we go back in 4 weeks.

Justin thought I was crazy
today I was so excited!
It's the firt time we get
to see thier little faces
and I'm just in awww.
I'm so happy.

I'm going to have to have
Justin write up one of
the blog enteries soon!
I know he's excited too.

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