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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chocolate means movement...

Normally I don't eat Justin's
cereal, it's too much sugar.
But the other day I bought
him a box of Chocolate Mini
Wheats with Chocolate Chips
and this morning I woke up
wanting to try them!

Wow they are yummy, but
LOADED with sugar.
Within 30 minutes my little
cupcakes were moving and
kicking and playing.
It was too cool, but
naughty all the same.
We had our NSTs this afternoon
and they were still on a sugar rush.
Normally Baby A gives the nurse a
hard time staying the on monitor
but today Baby B was being silly.

Mom got to go with me for the
first time to see how things worked.
They had us cracking up, the
nurse was in there every 10
minutes or so double checking
that both babies were being monitored.
Their kicks were nice and strong
and as they moved, mainly Baby B,
we could hear the Whooshing sound
coming from the monitor.
The last 10 minutes were the craziest.
Just 10 minutes longer the nurse
told us and Baby B was done, she
wanted to move and play and she
wanted the monitor off!
As much as I said shhh,
behave it so didn't work, but
it was so worth the giggle.

The babies heart beats
are so close together.
Both towards the
top of my tummy.
The nurse says she's never
seen that before nor has
she had so much trouble keeping
babies stable on the monitor.

So a leason learned, no sugar
cereals for them anymore.
Unless I need a really
good giggle here at home.

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