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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5th, 2011

Fourth of July this year
was very quite for us.
Due to the Monument Fire, and
the dryness of our area, Fireworks
were off limits this year.
I honestly didn't mind.
After the fire scare
I was ok with that.

Mom and I spent the afternoon
together as Justin was at work.
We sorted through all the Preemie,
Newborn, and 0-3 Month clothing
we've gotten so far.
Then we went to dinner,a shopping
run, got yogurt and even cruised
the park to see what was going on.
they had huge screens up showing
a movie on one and fire works on
another and even had a band and vendors.
Very nice, but we never got off the car.

As the babies (or as mom calls the "
Cupcakes") get bigger, there's less
I can do comfortably.
Walking for too long is one.
My lower back hurts very much.
I have to sit and take breaks often.
The pelvis pain is getting worse,
thankfully the most I feel it is
when I move around in bed and getting
in and out of bed or off the couch.
It hasn't added to the back pain
when I walk and that's a relief.
The reflux is getting worse,
and it takes me while to
get comfortable enough to sleep.
But all and all I'd take these minor
issue over any Major ones any day!

Today was our 29 week
check up with DR Silva.
I forgot to ask what my weight was
today, and the nurse and doctor said
nothing, so I'm hoping that means I
gained a pound or two.
The nurse had a hard time finding
the babies heartbeats, but once
she did they were both 136.
Yay they are within the normal range
and not far off from previous ones.

DR Silva came in moments later to
measure my belly and said,
"Well, your getting bigger!"
Yep, figured that one out since
I'm having trouble with my shirts
staying down to cover the tummy now.
He let me know all seemed well
with the Cupcakes and next
appointment will be in 2 weeks.
He let me know it was time to
start doing the stress test and
had me speak to the hospital
nurse to schedule my first one.
The first one was for today at one.

Driving is now off limits
as my tummy touches the
steering wheel already.
So Justin dropped me off at mom's
today before work so she could take
me to the hospital for the NST.
Thank goodness for mom
she's been driving me around
now while Justin's at work.
The testing only took about
30 minutes, and I think we found
Baby A again on the left side.
She's an active baby.
This nurse had a hard time
too finding their heartbeats,
but once she found baby B
she only had to do it once.
Baby B has always been the calmer one.
Baby A gave the nurse a hard time
and for a while there the monitor
found her heart beat steady, but
she doesn't stay in one place.
The monitor was going from --
to 170 to 64 to 135 in seconds
as Baby A moved around.
This whole time Baby B was
consistent between 129-140.
After the first 15 minutes the
nurse came back to check on me
and had to relocate Baby A and
her heart beat which was now
way off to my left side.
She's gonna be like her
Daddy a trouble maker.
Lol. All went well
though, so I'm happy.
The stress tests will
be every Tuesday and
Friday from now on.

Tomorrow I hope to have
a NEW Belly Photo Up!

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